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ENGLISH ( Major ) Paper: 6.1

Full Marks: 60

Time: 2 hour

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


  1. Answer the following questions very briefly: 1×7=7

(a) Who was the originator of the theory of Imitation in literary criticism?

(b) State the meaning of the term ‘Hamartia’ as used by Aristotle.

(c) How many chapters are there in the treatise The Poetics?

(d) How many PrinciPal sources of sublimity are there according to Longinus?

(e) Ars Poetica is the most important critical work ____. (Fill in the blank).

(f) The School Of Abuse Was written by___ _. (Fili in the blank)

(g) By whom was the term ‘Negative Capability’ introduced?

2. Give short answer to the following questions: 2×4=8

(a) Explain the term ‘Catharsis’.

(b) Who first preached the application of the Touchstone method in criticism? “

Explain the term the Touchstone method.

(c) Mention after Dr. Johnson two defects of Shakespeare’s writings.

(d) How does Wordsworth justify his low and rustic life in poetry?

  1. Answer arty three of the following questions: 5×3 = 15.

(a) How does Aristotle distinguish epic from the tragedy in his Poetics?

(b) Why does Johnson consider Shakespeare’s characters not as individuals, but as representatives of common humanity?

(c) How does Sidney defend poetry against the major charges levelled against it by Stephen Gosson?

(d) What are the sources of sublimity in literature according to Longinus? Which of them does he consider to be the most important and why?

(e) What are Matthew Arnold’s views on ‘the Grand style`?

(f) Explain Wordsworth’s theory of ‘Poetic Diction’.

(g) Write a note on Coleridge’s concept of ‘Poetic Genius’.

  1. Consider the classical idea of poetry as ‘Mimesis’ with reference to Plato and Aristotle.


Discuss Aristotle’s definition of tragedy. Which is more important between plot and character in the tragedy, according to Aristotle?

  1. Who is associated with the idea of ‘decorum’ in poetry? Discuss the principles of decorum as expounded by him in Ars Poetica.


How far do you think Longinus anticipates the romantic idea of literature as self-expression? Give a reasoned answer.

  1. Analyze Johnson’s critical method in his estimate of Shakespeare and his art as a playwright


“Poetry is criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty.” Give an account of the nature and functions of poetry as expressed by Arnold in the above statement.


What, according to the Coleridge, is the role of imagination in poetic creation? Discuss his theory of Imagination.


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