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Kaguya-sama Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Kaguya-sama Season 2 Episode 11 Review

I don’t know how it does it I don’t know how Kaguya-sama Season 2 continues to one-up itself every single week every week.

I come into these episode reviews saying this is the best episode so far of season 2 or the series and the next episode comes out I say the exact same thing and I truly do mean those words it’s a fantastic season and the episodes continue to build upon that quality of the series but this episode really reaches a whole other fresh hold that I don’t think this series really has reached and last we’re kind of talking about the finale of season 1 we’re sure got a you know saving

Kaguya-sama showing her the fireworks that’s like the only comparable episode honestly when it comes to what this episode is about but even then this episode really does take it to a whole other level with emotion – the way the themes are displayed the art animation just everything about this episode is just truly spectacular and it just like it left me very emotional like I’m not gonna lie watching this episode

I cried like I cried like I’m not gonna lie I cried like I sat down I knew it was gonna definitely be a heavy episode cuz the whole presentation at the beginning and everything it was very clear it was gearing up for a very emotional episode and I was fully aware something very sad was about to happen even before this episode came out not because I’m being spoiled which

I wasn’t I’m just saying it’s very clear that something was gonna happen in Shiga me there was something building up for these past few episodes and this episode finally gets us into that it gets us into what ishigami was about to deal with and so I knew this was gonna be emotional even before this episode came out and even knowing that I still cried I still legitimately got sad crying

I was like this hurts like it legitimately hurts and

I love just the showcase of how ishigami developed but also how shiragami once again steps into the spotlight to really save someone else and that is something that really does need to be mentioned and I think many are gonna kind of overlook that a little bit when you really think about a lot of characters that went through a lot of emotional stuff throughout car yes omlette like not season two but season one as well shooter

Ghana has always come in and actually saved the day he’s always so nuts coming in a really shining bright and helping someone out of like depression like let’s think about the beginning like you know ACOG yeah you know thinks this year to Ghani kavya got to see the firework she got to have a little bit more light in her life she got to have something fun happen besides being kind of locked up in her house not being able to do anything she was able to have some form of happiness within her so she

Ghani was definitely someone that came to save the day at the end of season one now we have season two we get to see how you know should

Ghani came in and he saved Miko he was doing that whole speech he allowed her to be able to speak in front of everyone and you know basically not be embarrassed and get bullied etc you know sugar Ghani went in and actually helped her out and then we have this episode where shiragami helped ishigami with his past of you know how he couldn’t apologize and how he couldn’t write you know a letter of apology cetera and I just I like how sugar Ghani is being depicted as someone it really has came in these individuals lives and made their lives so much better even though technically the series isn’t saying he’s the

MC he’s really done so much for all these characters I mean it’s honestly just mind-blowing to think about and I really love the image within this episode to where each economy’s going for everything he’s gonna free all this sadness depression etc and you see how he’s in this dark room and sugar Gandhi kind of forces his way inside of his room and you just see the light slowly grow as he walks towards ishigami

I love just the way this image looks the imagery of that scene alone is spectacular and I really just like how it’s like showcasing how she Ghani is as a character how he literally dragged you out of that and tries to bring you into the light it’s very easy to catch but it’s still I love the image

I always love imagery that shows stuff like this with the light kind of shining in on the darkness and you know letting you see that there is more to life than just sitting in misery it’s stuff I really do appreciate and I got emotional honestly I really got emotional watching this episode but it really is a rollercoaster of an episode for out like

there’s happy moments but also very sad moments and I want to get into all of that we knew that something happened in his previous school it was already established in the previous episode that something happened with this girl this guy and he was accused of being a stalker and we get full context to what actually happened so ishigami was a straight-up good guy he was so in the Hat justice he was someone that just wanted to

make sure that you know someone was treated right and we’ve seen this already for a few little scenes with how he helps out Nico even though Miko is someone that doesn’t actually seem to really be nice to him she does care about only even see a brief scene where she does care about him but you have you got me to where he actually is always trying to help others out he doesn’t like to see people both being bullied

he doesn’t like seeing people you know being excluded depressed etc he wants to help them out and in this case that’s what he did he decided to help out this girl that was relatively nice to him she was really kind nice sweet to him know constantly kind of just cheering up his day because he was a loner even in you know middle school he didn’t really do much he was just always someone that just was existing so to say in school so then he finds out that she actually got a boyfriend and when he first saw you know her getting a boyfriend

he wasn’t interested her in terms of love or anything like that he wasn’t jealous and he even said that most of the time when he saw two people to get together as a couple he’d be very upset he’s like yeah you know get annoyed but when he saw her actually be with someone he genuinely was warning her happiness he’s like

I hope she has a really good time with him and it’s a good person for her etc you see that he genuinely wanted her to be happy and then we cut over to finding out that the dude that she’s with is actually a scumbag and doing really awful things like cheating etc and her results in ishigami confronting the man and figuring out like why are you doing this you need to stop this treat or better she deserves better and obviously it causes a huge scene to where people start to like think that ishigami is a stalker and the do kind of just like completely froze he she got me on the bus like saying oh he’s a stalker oh this is why he’s doing so and so and he kind of puts you got me in a corner like hey you know if you try to say anything you spill the beans about me or anything you know

I’m gonna straight-up really take this out on the person that you’re trying to protect and on that you’re imagining how everybody will feel how anyone would react to her and make her feel and she had to go for her life knowing what her boyfriend was doing et cetera so ishigami took it upon himself that burden to protect her and he didn’t expect anything out of it he did not expect nothing no reward nothing he just did it because it was right he didn’t want to see her life completely ruined and what’s really hurtful about this entire scene and what hit me emotionally is because after he does all of this cuz I I gotta understand like where he’s coming from he’s just wanting to make sure that this person that is really kind-hearted actually gets the person she deserves because she does deserve a good nice relationship and when he is saying like it is and all that he does look very crazy from his you know I guess from everybody else’s.

looking at him from the outside he looks crazy and when you have that scene where she points at him and says you’re crazy and all that you’re mad you know you got to match. how much that hurts him because in that moment he’s trying to help her protect her but the very person.

he’s trying to protect and help and the one that’s actually giving him happiness and helped him out etc just straight up turns almond says that he’s disgusting a stalker etc and then he just goes into this spiral of depression and he even though he knows he could easily get out of it if he just apologizes and just moves on he can’t do it he cannot say he’s sorry because it goes against his very character as a person.

like he can’t go against what he believes and basically apologizing to a man that’s such a scumbag put this person he actually cared about into such a position and so he continued throughout the rest of his days in middle school trying to write a letter but he really couldn’t whatsoever. until shiragami popped up and it’s like this is what you should be you know writing like you know get out of here get out of my face etc and. I do like how he said those very exact same words to the girl that came to the school festival from ishigami ‘s past it’s a really good callback to show his growth as a character but also to show that ishigami is not trying to look at the past no longer he’s trying to really move on and become a better person and move past that darker time out of depression which.

I do like how this episode theme that as well and I don’t think many are going to up reciate that of what this episode actually did see going into this episode I figured that he was gonna be set up by the school like I fought the high school here was actually going to be setting up I thought that the club that he joined like the cheerleading squad was setting up ishigami.

I fought that there’s gonna be people within the school to do something really despicable to him but in reality that did not happen everything that was kind of dark and depressing going on within. this episode was just all in ishigami ‘he’s mind he was all just envisioning what he thought they were saying what they were thinking how they were feeling because the darkness and oppression i had him and gripped him very hard since the very beginning of middle school was still there and faints to kind of the.

cheerleading squad also should have gone a it kind of opened up his eyes to really let go and truly try to move on it’s just something I truly do appreciate.

I really do appreciate how the way the trauma was handled the conflict wasn’t something that was very predictable it was something to show that it was just. all within Ichigo Me’s mind all the conflict that happen within this episode was just in his mind and there’s no one else really doing anything else there’s just his his past that was just holding him and he finally moved forward it’s something.

that’s so beautiful something I really do appreciate which speaking of which let’s talk about that girl by the way that you know is connected to Isha gommi in his past. so I highly doubt she’s gonna be someone that’s gonna be important anymore like I doubt we’re gonna see her probably ever again maybe she might be mentioned here there later on but I do think that when it comes to her relevance to the story.

she’s probably gone because the whole theme of this episode was basically she got me moving away from her and trying to be better in his life and so I don’t think. she’s ever going to appear again however she is very significant for what ishigami fought for and what suffering he went through and even kavya kind of says it the best she basically says that she can’t believe that ishigami went for so much.

he went through all that trouble all those problems for all that time basically for nothing there was nothing that he got out of it there was nothing that he personally gained the only thing he really did was protecting her protecting her innocence and she’s ignorant to. the whole thing that actually was happening behind the scenes and so cog is like you really think that I am that cruel to kind of manipulate her to come to this school festival for ishigami can you know see her she’s like no I’m not that cruel she just came here and all that and.

you know I do think that I shouldn’t confront her about it because if I did it would go against the very thing that you know ishigami is fighting for for instance her to smile. and be ignorant to everything that happened so just I don’t know it’s a fantastic episode of Kali Osama loves war I really cannot begin to describe just how beautiful this episode is emotionally with the fiends to just the depression and all that there is so much good within this episode there is so much passion within this episode of cause yeah and.

it’s been very clear I’ve talked about it so much but it’s just it blows my mind with how good this series is and how the animators behind it really do love this anime. they really love it like you don’t just go in like you did in this episode like normal animators don’t just go in because. they usually just don’t have the time. but it’s clear the animators are probably taken as much time out of their day as they can to really make this as good. as they can and it shines it really shines you can really tell when a studio loves the series and then doesn’t love a series like it you could just see.