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Gleipnir Episode 12 Review

Gleipnir Episode 12 Review

Gleipnir Episode 12 Review:-  So like always let’s just jump into it so episode 12 of Gleipnir. we have any action or fights or anything like that we just went back in town we had a big flashback and we got to meet Shuichi .

and his friend group back then whenever he was going to that cram school and also we got a big background as to who that kaito who that character is we met him last episode he’s the one that literally just destroyed everybody that was trying to go to that ship so we know he’s on a whole different power scale and on top of that we know he’s the one that has collected a hundred coins so

Elena’s group her current group right now is trying to find a way to beat him. so they can get into the ship and I guess collect 100 coins as well but yeah let’s break this episode down because we did get a lot of backstory. regarding all of these characters so essentially we met chewy cheese friends from back in cram school it seems like there were really a tiny group that really liked each other that really care about each other and it was

Kaito Honoka I okey Naoto and Alayna and of course to eat she would be the sixth one now in this friend group something happened right it looks. like honoka’s father was involved in a murder and she pretty much was kind of like bullied out of her own home and she went to stay with some family members and at that point he disappeared now we didn’t know at this point that what really happened was that our ki was being bullied in school I mean being bullied to the point where she committed suicide I mean she that was really rough I mean that happens today right we see people get bullied and actually commit suicide that definitely hits close to home.

I mean that was it that was really a sad sad scene and when when she sent that text to Honka saying that she was sorry we see the hanukkah knew exactly what she meant and she found her body and yeah it was really an emotional scene it was really sad and we see that.

Hanukkah really was the only one that knew about this so she decided to use a coin to turn herself into okay now of course with Kaito being in love with Hanukkah he didn’t want to let it go it looks like everybody figured it out right once they found the alien and talked to the alien and he told everybody exactly what happened how he turned Hanukkah into alkie and they were able to put you know one and two together and they essentially found out that you know a Loki was dead and I’m gonna cut took her place and they just kind of wanted to leave it at that right everybody was able to figure it out bu.

Kaito was in love with Honoka and he decided not to drop. it to the point where he went over to a Loki. or in this case Honoka and murdered her a murderer without knowing exactly what the situation was and once and once that now to her alkies boyfriend told.

Keiko that she actually killed herself and stuff like that and explained the whole situation we see that kind to really just completely shut down he was just in a whole different world at this point to the point where we saw him go back to that alien and give him the coin he pretty much say he was gonna make everything disappeared everybody disappeared so yes if.

he gets 100 coins which he looks like he has he’s probably gonna destroy the world or make every human disappear or something along those lines so yeah him having 100.

coin is a very very dangerous thing so we see that Elena it looks to be like her group is actually like the good guys right like they’re actually part of the good of the good group where they’re trying to stop somebody I’m destroying the world so yeah this episode definitely dealt with a lot of you know flashbacks and explaining the whole situation that our characters are in now another big thing that we kind of got to talk about is we pretty much got confirmation just how deep she she’s memory loss goals because.

he’s better alien he has all this information regarding. Kaito you know all the friend who everybody he knows everything he knows just as much as Elena knows except that of course we know that Elena gave him something in order to forget now in this episode we also see. Claire go into the cram school that Joey she and all his friends were at and he and she found a toy that looks exactly like to eat she transformed it to his master form now we know.

Claire ain’t dumb she’s very very smart I mean she’s on a whole. different level when it comes to you know thinking stuff so she’s definitely gonna put 1 & 2 together and she’s gonna figure it out that yes she eats she and Elena have the past and you know something big is about to happen so we got one episode left I sense there’s gonna be some big events some big story stuff some big plot twists coming in the last episode and Julie I can’t wait I love this episode. I liked all the backstory that we got with all the characters and explaining the story and now everything makes sense right we know exactly what was going on we know that yuuichi and.

Elena back then were a couple that were always together you know they were trying to protect each other and we see that. Elena took it to a whole different level and also just before you know.

I cut off the video I really want to talk about how much these characters have changed right we see that all these coins all these fights and everything that’s happening in this world of wealth in this town right now has changed some of these characters like to be you know murderers to the point where I mean look at yuuichi right last episode he just killed one of.

Madoka’s man that was trying to get revenge he just killed him straight up and too easy from episode 1 would not have done that and in this episode we got to see. Elena from back then whenever if she was going to cram school and all that stuff completely different person.

I mean Elena was no she was crying emotional you could see that she wasn’t that strong but now the Elena of today she will kill you inside not even in seconds okay she will kill you before you even knew you were dead okay.